BOB Finance is a financial institution fully owned by Bank of Beirut and regulated by central bank of Lebanon. Its core business is to act as a service provider for small to medium retail outlets, providing them with additional services leading to additional revenues.

Our store, located in Bourj Hammoud, Centre Arin, tel: 01-248808, will provide you with the following services:

  1. Western Union (Global money transfer service)
  2. iTransfer (Send & receive money inside Lebanon in USD & LBP)
  3. Services (Skynet, Qatar Airways & FlyDubai Bookings, Alfa & Touch bill collections, Mobile Top-up, C2B & B2C with BoB Finance s.a.l)
  4. Recharge Cards (Alfa & Touch pre-paid cards), Internet pre-paid cards (Connect, Sodetel, Terranet…)
  5. Ogero Bills
  6. Mechanic Payments
  7. Translation Services

Provided with BoB ATM machine
And all other services related to BoB Bank.