A) Characteristics of cover

  • Personal Accident Policy provides cover for the insured against bodily injury following an accident.
  • The cover is granted for 24/24 hours
  • The geographical limit is worldwide
  • The sum insured is a specified, agreed amount

B) Covers & Definitions

Main Cover: Accidental Death: Loss of life, directly and independently of all other causes, resulting from an accident as defined below and occurring within 12 calendar months of the date of that accident.
“Accident” means an unforeseen, sudden and unexpected event, which occurs at an identifiable time and place and arises out of violent, external and visible means causing bodily injuries.

Supplementary covers
Each of the following covers can be added to the main cover at the option of the insured and after the approval of the company:

a) Permanent Total Disability

Disability, which prevents the insured person from attending to his business, occupation or employment, which lasts twelve months and is beyond improvement at the expiry of that period.

b) Permanent Partial Disability.

It prevents the insured from performing all customary duties and activities. The percentage of disability will be determined according to the scale of disabilities attached to the policy. 

If more than one of the losses stated under the scale of disabilities occurred, the indemnity payable is established by adding the indemnity according to every single loss up to a maximum of 100% of the sum.

c) Temporary Total Disability or weekly indemnity:

if the insured sustains an injury due to an accident that necessitates time away from work until full recovery; The benefit stated on the policy schedule shall be paid out every week to compensate for the insured.

d) Medical Expenses:

Means all medical, hospital and surgical expenses incurred by the insured person, in addition to medical supplies costs and laboratory expenses.

e) Passive War Risk (Accident Death & Permanent Disability)

If permanent disability occurred to the insured, provided that he is not taking an active part in any of the events mentioned herewith, as direct or indirect consequence of war or war like operations(whether war be declared or not),

or any other cause, then the company pays the sum insured to the designated beneficiaries in case of death, or 100% of the sum insured to the insured in case of permanent disability.